Is _SOUTHSTART EMERGENCE* a conference or a festival?

Both! _SOUTHSTART EMERGENCE* is a four-day festival which includes a conference, which we call "The Conversation". 

The conference is the centrepiece of the program, and includes a full day of talks from some of the world's leading minds in technology, impact and innovation.

We recommend diving into the Program Schedule to see which features of the program interest you most.

Will I get a chance to meet the speakers?

Absolutely! We encourage our speakers to chat with conference attendees before and after their presentations. Time with individual speakers is not guaranteed, but if you’re joining us at any of our hospitality events, you're more likely to have the opportunity to speak to them.

How is impact relevant to startups? And innovation?

Startups create impact by default (if they’re good 😉) and innovation speaks to the creation of something new.

We recognise the need to apply a macro lens to issues facing the world, and believe that this enables startups to bring critical innovation to the table that is needed to make a change.

I'm not in a startup. Should I attend?

Yes! _SOUTHSTART EMERGENCE* is for anyone who's curious about the future or wants to make a change in the world. This is a festival where you never know who you'll meet, or the conversations you might have - and that's all part of the charm.

Read more about why you should attend.

What excites you most about the future?

When will we be able to see what speakers are speaking in each session?

Extremely **** Soon! Sign up to our mailing list and keep an eye on our site & socials! 

Given the evolving nature of our event, and the brilliant calibre of minds that we engage - our content is ever evolving, so while there may still be some mystery surrounding your experience - trust us in knowing that it will all come to life in good time, and you will enter event day knowing exactly what the plan is.

What topics will the speakers be talking about?

Our speakers - made up of founders, company directors, industry experts, investors and other leaders in entrepreneurship, innovation and impact - will discuss learnings from their professional and personal journeys, as well as take part in conversations about Australia's sovereignty; to issues surrounding climate, race and gender justice; to the intersection of culture and business.

They'll explore how we terraform our future and cultivate our humanity; create industries and unlock capital; walk the tightrope between technology and trust; and better understand the relationship between sovereignty and science, and more.

Take a look at our Program Schedule for full details.

I bought a ticket bundle. What happens next?

How exciting! We can't wait to see you at _SOUTHSTART EMERGENCE!

You'll be issued individual event tickets prior to the festival, so keep an eye on your email & we will also provide you with regular updates about the festival experience, as it relates you to your ticket. 

All ticket holders will also receive an exclusive invitation to our event app, to guide you through the full experience!