Blockchain: the next great disruptor? Here are the blockchain experts coming to Adelaide for _southstart this month.

Scan the news on any given day, and it seems there’s a headline related to blockchain: whether it’s about China embracing the technology, how blockchain can deliver financial aid to those who need it most, or other new tools it enables; it appears the world is laser-focused on blockchain’s possibilities.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Blockchain Australia and South Australian Blockchain Association to put together a blockchain-dedicated conference stream.

You’ll hear from Katrina Donaghy, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the multi-award winning Civic Ledger, a start-up that helps governments be more efficient, effective, accessible and transparent in an ever-increasing digital society. She’ll discuss digital twins, smart contracts, digital government and more.

Angela DiFabio, blockchain pathfinder at Flinders University’s New Venture Institute, is also headed to _southstart. She’s passionate about blockchain’s potential for providing agency for the underserved, and is the lead curator of Flinders University’s highly successful ‘Current Directions’ Blockchain Symposium. Laszlo Peter, who leads KPMG‘s blockchain services practice for Asia Pacific, is bringing his over 20 years of experience working with large corporates, technology start-ups and professional services organisations to the conference, and Amanda Robinson, Head of Social Innovation & Humanitech lead at Australian Red Cross, will talk about how frontier technology might help to solve complex social problems and drive humanitarian outcomes at scale.

MYNTD / Peratek Co-founder and President James Scott has assisted in the digital transformation of both South Australia and the Philippines, and he’ll bring his deep understanding of digital asset exchanges and payment processing – including trading and liquidity solutions – to _southstart. CEO at Australian Red Cross, Judy Slatyer is also on her way to the conference.

Also joining the special blockchain lineup is David Jackson, Group Managing Director of S-Core Group and the inaugural CEO of Blockchain Australia; Nicholas Giurietto, Chief Executive at Blockchain Australia; Lasanka Perera, Chief Operating Officer at Independent Reserve; Barbara Vrettos, SA President at The Legal Forecast; Grant Colthup, CEO at Mine Digital, and Nick Byrne, Director at Typehuman.

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