Explore space at _southstart: here are the experts from NASA, the Australian Space Agency and more coming to the festival!

Australia’s human-first technology festival _southstart will play host to international and local space industry experts when the [conference] arrives at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 20 – 21 November.

Not since the Apollo program took humanity to the moon over 50 years ago has the moon been central to the interests of the space sector. But in recent years, new opportunities have shifted the focus back – and Australia is well-placed to become a key player.

NASA’s Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments, Dr. Christyl Johnson will visit Australia for the first time since it was revealed the Australian Space Agency and NASA will partner for a new lunar mission. 

Joining Dr. Christyl Johnson is the Head of the Australian Space Agency, Dr. Megan Clark. They will explore the advantages and challenges of building a space industry here in Australia, as well as share their insights on the recently announced partnership between NASA and the Australian Space Agency to land the first woman and next man, as part of a new generation of astronauts, on the moon by 2024. 

And in an exclusive Australian appearance, SpaceIL’s Kfir Damari – who was from the world’s first privately funded spacecraft to reach the moon – will tell an Adelaide audience how his startup rallied Israel behind Beresheet. The SpaceIL Co-founder and VP Education, Kfir Damari played a key role in making the Beresheet the first privately-funded spacecraft to reach the moon, and he’ll tell the story of how his startup rallied the entire country of Israel behind their goal, as well as what they’ve learned for their next mission – a mission which has an objective that, for now, remains a tightly-kept secret.

Damari said he was excited to travel to Adelaide take part in _southstart. “This celebration of the space industry enables brainstorming, networking, and building of new collaborations. It gives us all the opportunity to learn from each other, explore and pursue our common fascination with the next frontier,” said Damari.

“Through my personal experience in building the first privately funded spacecraft that reached the moon, I have found that the greatest resource to handle all challenges on our way to reaching our goals, were: resilience, collaborations, and perseverance. All of which I am looking forward to sharing and enhancing when we all meet.”

Two pioneering local space companies will also be represented at _southstart [conference]. Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and Co-founder of Fleet Space Technologies, returns to the festival with exciting updates on the work her company is doing to reach their goal of connecting 20 million devices in 2020. Dr. Alex Grant, from the globally-renowned company Myriota, will also be on hand to discuss satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things.

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