Over the next 5 days, we’re donating 50% of profits from ticket sales to OzHarvest. Here’s why.

We’re proud supporters of OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation. Each week, they rescue over 180 tonnes of quality surplus food from more than 3,700 food donors including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and hotels, and delivers directly to more than 1300 charitable agencies. So we’re excited to announce that 50% of profits from _southstart tickets will be donated to OzHarvest over the next five days!

What’s more is that the organisation’s CEO and Founder, Ronni Kahn AO, will be speaking at _southstart [conference] about “harvesting your passion”. And because good things come in threes, 100% of booking fees from ticket sales to our industry dinners (more on those soon) will be donated to OzHarvest via Humanitix.

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Dollar Diner

With their Dollar Diner program, OzHarvest prove that your small change can make a big difference. It’s a fundraising campaign for restaurants across the country, to encourage customers to add $1 to their bill to help OzHarvest deliver two meals to Australians in need. It’s simple but remarkably effective in helping the organisation’s food rescue, education, community engagement and innovation to continue.

Find out more about the Dollar Diner program.

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