Angela DiFabio

Angela has a strong passion for business development in building and connecting business’s, linking people and creating new opportunities for capacity and growth.

Her work with the Flinders University’s New Venture Institute, together with her previous 25-year career in banking and finance and SME’s has given Angela a strong measure of what is required to scale a business for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Understanding blockchain’ s potential for providing agency for the underserved, her paper ‘Inclusion is not just about Finance’ was submitted to the World Bank for their 2016 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, that explored using blockchain for providing identity and banking on a phone sim for the 2.5 billion unbanked.

As lead curator of the highly successful annual Flinders University’s ‘Current Directions’ Blockchain Symposium, these events present leading experts and use cases and showcase their work to promote and educate for the adoption and growth of blockchain in South Australia.

Angela was invited to speak at the 2018 CPA Congress on ‘The Fear of Missing Out – Beyond the Hype in Blockchain’ and the 2019 ADC Global Blockchain Summit as a panel moderator and panellist for Capability building with Blockchain in South Australia