Lewis Horne

Lewis J. Horne is an award-winning entrepreneur with a diverse global background. Born in Australia, he has lived around the world with working experiences in Canada, Sweden and China.He is a generalist that is savvy with most technologies and an intuitive engineer with a keen eye for design. Lewis holds a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, and has dedicated his career to addressing grand challenges, with the aim of creating a positive impact. Apart from being a full-time entrepreneur, Lewis was the Head of the Social Innovation Center at Lund University, and founded SoPact, an EU-funded accelerator program for social entrepreneurs. He has a strong track record starting and running several companies and institutions and has been an advisor to a wide array of startups and companies. He regularly delivers inspirational keynotes around the globe at mobility and automotive conferences, as well as for industry heavyweights such as Siemens and IKEA. He is currently the CEO of Uniti, Swedish electric car, which was officially founded in January 2016 after an extensive research phase.