Michael J Biercuk

Michael is one of the world’s leading experts in the new emerging field of quantum technology; the work he is doing promises to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th. He is a Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology at the University of Sydney, and Founder of Q-CTRL, Australia’s first VC-backed quantum technology company. Michael was educated in the US, earning his undergraduate degree from the Univ. of Pennsylvania, and his Masters and PhD from Harvard. He has held positions as a consultant to DARPA in the US Department of Defense and also in the NIST Ion Storage Group working with 2012 Nobel Laureate David Wineland. Michael is a skilled public speaker connecting with audiences at all levels and sharing his views on the future of technology. He appears regularly on ABC television, is a TEDx speaking alumnus, and was awarded the 2015 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher.