Tony Clark

Tony is Co-founder and Managing Director of the South Australian business Rising Sun Pictures [“RSP”]. He has been pivotal in growing from a small facility in 1995 with four founders, to a multi-million dollar, award winning and internationally acclaimed business employing over 170 people. Under his leadership, RSP has gathered critical acclaim, with Academy and BAFTA Award nominations, as well as a number of Australian business and export awards. As Visual Effects Supervisor, he led the RSP team to deliver numerous projects, the most notable being the Academy Award winning Gravity, working alongside Director Alfonso Cuarón. Through ongoing research and development, he has produced several successful software products and seized the opportunity to develop new businesses. As co-founder of Cospective [previously Rising Sun Research], he conceived and developed cineSpace [sold to THX] and the remote collaboration tool cineSync, which garnered an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement in 2010. His deep understanding of digital film technologies led him to develop Cinenet; an initiative to bring affordable, high-speed broadband to the creative industries in Australia, which was sold in 2015 to ASX listed Superloop [SLC.AX]. As an Emmy award winning Cinematographer, he began his career at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1983, before moving to London where he was involved in the startup of News Corporation’ Sky Television as a news cameraman. Throughout his career, he maintained an ongoing passion for the utilisation of technology to advance the arts, participating in developments including robotic camera systems, broadband networks and film production software Tony has served as a board member and deputy chair of the South Australian Film Corporation that oversaw the expansion and relocation of the SAFC into its new studios at Glenside, and currently serves on the boards of Ausfilm, Superloop and riAus. He is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Visual Effects Society.