"All the team at _SOUTHSTART did an amazing job of making me feel welcome in their city, and the event itself was one of the most organised I've had the privilege of being involved in.”
Cam Adams - Co-Founder / CPO at Canva
_SOUTHSTART EMERGENCE* is an experience designed to foster conversation amongst humans, and provoke the necessary thoughts needed to accelerate our understanding of humanity. The challenges and opportunities we face - and how we approach them. So, we're sharing the thoughts that we've gathered throughout the creation of EMERGENCE* - from our speakers, partners and attendees. Check back regularly for new thoughts as they come through. Maybe some will resonate. Maybe some will challenge you. One thing we know, is that the same humans who added these thoughts will be present at our festival. If this is the company you want to keep, then join us.
What conversations do you want to have?
  • Getting fit for leadership. Not enough founders or community builders focus on getting themselves into the best shape to lead their business, teams, customers, communities or families.
  • If our oceans die, then our planet dies and we die. Yet we, humans, suffer from a kind of ‘ocean blindness’. We’re largely oblivious to the fate of our oceans. Technology can, and should, be a force for good, for the health of our oceans, and more.
  • The most fundamentally broken aspect of representative democracy is not media or social media. It is that we are all bound by 18th and 19th century lines drawn on a map to agree on who will represent us. We need to evolve a non-geographic system of democracy where people with common values — not people with a common postal code — choose an elected representative.
  • How do we design an economy / coordination system that prioritizes the common good while also increasing individual sovereignty?
  • What does an economy based in love look like?
  • Can a better world be created through plans and blueprints?
  • Who do we need to BE for the world we dream about to become a reality?
  • Why don't we focus on the most important, non-renewable resource we have on the planet? Our time.
  • The conversation I most want to have is to discuss what it actually looks like to hold the tension of opposites, in all dimensions. In the self, in relationships, and in society.
  • How can Government reduce complexity for growing businesses?
  • Converting the passion and pride that Aussies have in Australia into tangible products and profitable business with connection to people and communities. Finding the support to do this, is way more challenging than it needs to be.
    Understanding that there is not business and personal life. There is only life
  • Community
  • The mechanics, economics and incentives of running a venture fund.
    What a clean term sheet looks like.
    Why Energy management > Time management"
  • With all the pressure that exists around young people to choose a career, my mission is to help to encourage them to follow their dreams, regardless of their circumstances. After all, if you do what you love, you never have to work another day again and I believe every young person has the right to do so!
    Percentage of VC and angel funds that go to women founders.
  • I think we need to talk about what it means to be a technological nation. Are we controlled or enabled by tech?
  • Creativity is the meta-skill. It is the core capability needed to navigate a world of increasing uncertainty and it should be cultivated in all young people.
  • I care about fairness. In my business this translates to fair and accountable media trading. I would like the audience to know that if you stick to your basic principles your idea/product/service can change and be modified around that, but the core (heart) of your business stays the same. I'd also like to let them know that you can stay in Adelaide and punch well above your weight on a global stage.
  • There is noone else coming. What are you waiting for? Seize your creative leadership muscle and let's get to work!
  • Can we unity humanity, and should we
  • How do we ensure that scientific and technological impact are valued as much as wealth extraction?
  • Racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice - how do we get there and who is ready to lead?
  • What can we do to help ensure women feel safer in the tech community?
  • How are we making it easier for minorities to upskill in tech?
  • Why the fuck are my kids still being educated like it's 1931?"
  • The power of collaboration
  • How do we de-mystify entrepreneurship for educators so that every teacher in every classroom has the skills, support, and space to build the entrepreneurial mindset of their young people.
  •  How do we amplify the voices of young people in the entrepreneurship space so that starting a business seems achievable and attainable, rather than a complex career for tech heads and privileged white men.
  • What businesses need to ensure they can weather the next major storm.
  • Diversity and inclusion needs to go deeper to include disability. Apart from the social reform of NDIS, disability remains a mostly ignored sector of our society with indicators like higher unemployment, poorer health outcomes and lower school completion, showing the gaps that still exist. Disability is the largest global minority that anyone can enter at any time (through accidents and ageing).
  • On the other hand, some of the greatest inventions we use now like Siri and Alexa, the keyboard and text messages were originally designed for people with disability, and yet they've been transformational technology for the rest of the non-disabled world as well. How can we design ""for the disability"" so that inclusive technologies don't have to be Remarkable.
  • It's not OK to stand by when see something you know to be wrong. If it comes down to doing what is safe and easy-er, I hope I have courage to do the right thing.
  • Deep Healing. Sorry. Decolonising. Protecting and respecting people, place, country, culture and cosmology of the oldest civilisation on planet Earth.
  • Women's business. Not in an entrepreneurial way, but a psycho-social and bio-political way, which is linked to environmental and social re-balance.
  • Sending Aussie into space, and leading deep sea exploration from our shores.
  • Artists as Essential Workers.
  • Art as the new Crypto Currency Craze and world of the “non-fungible token”.
  • The lack of leadership and accountability within our major public institutions is intensifying and not reducing the negative impacts from things such as climate change, income inequality, and toxic cultures flaming nationalism, racial injustice, and misogyny. What does it say about a human population of 8 billion that we can't organise to foster leaders capable of leading with basic human value, ethics, and integrity? and if we have a broken leadership system do we try to mend, or tear it down and start again?
  • "Supply Chain traceability, Water future, Environment"
  • The conversations we need to have are numerous but can be grouped within a singular description: future economy. Our reliance on coal, our lack of high speed ground transit, and our cripplingly poor internet infrastructure will all play a role in diminishing the quality of opportunities afforded to our children in this country. They will also all play a role in the diminishing economic strength that Australia wields in contrast to the rest of the developed world. Without the acceptance that new energy and robust connectivity - both digital and physical - are all absolutely essential for Australia to remain competitive this century, this country risks a sharp fall from grace in the decades to come.
  • "In Australia there should never be people sleeping on the streets. As a taxpayer I am happy to pay for small serviced apartments and boarding houses to make sure everyone has a roof over their heads like I do. Remember that many people given these 'luxuries' face intellectual and emotional challenges. In Adelaide including the suburbs, there are not enough public toilets, no one knows where they are, and they close at night time. People are human beings and should be given the dignity of voiding in safe, clean, private spaces.
  • In Australia, many workers are exploited. Companies take on contracts and provide too few staff and parts and equipment to do the work. Training and safety measures are skimped. When an infringement occurs, the controlling body is notified and one thing might be fixed, but not enough people complain and our people and infrastructure suffer.
  • Video games earn more than movies now. They can be a guilty pleasure like playing casual games in line, all the way up to hundreds of hours spent levelling up in MMOs. Australia has virtually no support for indie game developers so more games are made overseas than would be expected from our population. Games like mine, which are accessible to deaf people and people with vision impairments, feature diverse characters and have a baldness option to show cancer patients they can be heroes too, have no traditional market."
  • Use of digital technology in business
  • What does a COVID workplace look like going forward?
  • Use of social media to add value to customers 
  • What will the impacts of reversing globalisation which has been happening slowly through political forces, and which the pandemic forced quickly – both positive and negative. Will it be a long term trend. What are the opportunities and challenges for Australia
  • What is the new normal – whether this is non colocation workplaces, a hybrid, persistent travel restrictions, immunity passports, a greater tracing and surveillance culture etc etc
  • How humanity trumped capitalism in some geographies and individualism trumped humanity in others – a discussion about why and what this means for them economically and culturally. Australia was able to largely work together to achieve a common goal, while other countries individualism got in the way, how do we leverage this culturally for other areas we have struggled to achieve a common goal in Australia
  • The fact that barriers/boundaries and borders are broken down now with everyone essentially isolating and operating virtually, what does that mean for a country that has used this as an excuse for not achieving global impact. How will manufacturing industries thrive.
  • The trend towards own survival, not to mention the impact on the globe when everything stopped, has placed or should place a greater focus on sustainability and renewables, are we able to have this conversation now without the same politics and hysteria now.
  • How have people whose lives have been utterly turned upside down embrace entrepreneurship as a path back to self sufficiency.
  • The industries that have had a blunt catalysis to their end, versus the ones that have had an acceleration to penetration.
What does emergence mean to you?
  • Emergence (I’m going to answer it with not words, but other senses of visual, sound, and smell) - the visual image that first comes to mind is growth, green, nature sprouting from the ground. And sparkly flairs around the object that has shown itself from the ground - and crescent doing orchestral string music playing in the background. It smells fresh and inviting and crisp and clean. (How’s that??? That was a fun exercise I just made up for myself!)
  • Convergence for discovery
  • Emergence is about shining a light on things that are not normally visible or just barely coming into view. For me, we should be shining that light on the plight of our oceans.
  • Out of a time of great crisis has come the opportunity to rethink. You don't need to look to closely to see new emerging ideas about how economies should work, how nations should be managed, how organisations and individuals should contribute, and how we should relate to each other and our environment.
  • Allowing the self-organizing intelligence of Life to reveal what our limited minds are incapable of on their own.
  • Emergence is when we see great leaders, great ideas and great innovations rise and come to life.
  • Emergence signifies a cycle of completion, and a movement into a more integrated self or a more expanded paradigm.
  • Emergence is pulling back the arrow farther and farther, creating dissonance, diving deeper, unearthing more, naming order to arrive at activation and release.
  • Release our emergent selves and emergent perspectives into the world in order to activate new possibilities.
  • Emergence to me is future-focused - the concept of innovation and new ideas finding their place in society as time passes.
  • Growth. The ability to develop and function at a higher level as a result of the support of those around you.
  • The ability to meet and learn from people and be inspired by their different perspective and experience
  • Learning and having fun with a bunch of great startup people in SA.
  • A brilliant opportunity for people to learn of the incredible support networks that exist in our great state and country across different industries and walks of life. The highlighting of this raises awareness, so people looking to connect and to further develop an innovation or concept, can immerse themselves in a pool of encouragement and possibilities, making the world a better place.
  • Coming out of hiding. Rebirth.
  • It means coming out of a period of learning or reflection with new skills and ideas.
  • It means moving up out of the crowd and changing how things are done.
  • 2020 was the year of Hope & Cope leadership. 2021 is about lifting our energy, ambition and impact by creating the year we want (despite the turbulance) to emerge having enabled greatness from ourselves , our teams and our organisations that have shaped legacy changing impact to the world, a legacy we can all be proud of.
  • Surfacing and sharing our loftiest ideas with the world. Sharpening our ideas in conversation with others. Designing novel ways to to allocate resources to the worthiest ideas so we can create what we imagine.
  • Coming out of a cocoon
  • The act of creation
  • A new direction that attracts our attention
  • Amplifying the visibility of something invisible.
  • Rising from challenges stronger and better than before.
  • Emergence to me, means we are better together. The sum of the parts is stronger than the whole.
  • As we emerge from COVID we get to create a new normal that harnesses the best of all of us. But without conscious actions to create that, we will just return to what we know.
  • Emergence is the feeling of something coming - an inflection.
  • Moving from what has been to what could be. Starts with the desire for a new desired state ... what could be. You may not know the how, and you probably need to take a risk as you start to emerge, learning as you go towards where you wanted to be. You may not end up quite where you expected and your willingness to adapt is important. Being open to possibilities you didn't know.
  • Emergence reminds me of insects and the transformational journey they go through. This is how we got our name. Some species of cicada need several years of incubation underground before they emerge into the world. Due to the complexity of the science behind some of our startups' technologies, they too have a longer journey ahead of them before they can commercialise. But when they do, these are the technologies that change the game.
  • A behavioural trait or practice of encouraging or supporting Eminence.
  • The uncanny metamorphoses of actualisation.

From many small things, big things grow once they are co-ordinated in some manner.

What excites you most about the future?
  • Seeing the innovations that change the world for the better.
  • Innovation in creative industries and new work environments.
  • That we can have an impact on how it's gonna be
  • The endless opportunities for growth.
  • Developing myself to contribute to human capital development which I feel excited how the technology is changing rapidly, and we should focus on STEM education and design thinking for the better solution of future work opportunities.
  • The changes and the innovative aspects of life which excites me about the future and am looking forward to it.
  • The thing that excites me most aout the future is being able to see how technology and marketing is constantly growing and developing. Knowing that I will have the opportunity to be continously exposed to these developments is what motivates me most. The developments we can make to inspire and help future generations bloom in the safest, healthiest, and most science-forward future.
  • The world is continuing to trend towards progress and efficiency, and the start-up community is on the cutting edge of that progress. Aliens and AI School and learning with technology will be so much improved. The potential of 5G. [apologies, that's 2 items....]
  • I'm excited to (hopefully) see an about turn in the way we treat the planet
  • How younger generations will become smarter, cleaner, nicer, more connective and more innovative, which transform this world to be a better place for all.
  • The future of myself mastering 5 languages excluding Vietnamese (my first language) and English truly excites me because it also means I'm not onlu able to speak, listen to, understand but also can know more about cultures, enriching my experience about this amazing world.
  • Airspace and our use of it. Smart dust capabilities for marketing.
  • The fact that i don't know who i will meet or what will come out of the conversations that i search for every day. The more authentically i seem to be with business' and their ideas to furthur innovate, the more opportunities that arrive at my door. My work and attitude is my reputation and i hold that to a high regard for myself.
  • Technology and how it blends with the work that we do and how it will impact influence and improve our lives. The possibilities of understanding the metaphysical world better through technology Innovation in healthcare for society.
  • All the opportunities that are yet to exist.
  • How the work we do will change due to advances in technology
  • The most exciting thing about the future is the potential innovation to come from breaking down the oppressive systems of the past.
  • The infinite possibilities that human beings can create with their brains. There are still many interesting topics remain to answer, for instance, will robots replace humans one day? If not, how can humans interact with machines in the most effective way? I always believe that, people in all walks of life can make use of technology to doing something meaningful, and staying tune with the most cutting-edged technologies and getting to know more about them can be the best way of exploring the future. Drones, Art in AR, smart city
  • Change creates opportunities for observation, learning and creativity.
  • The future holds so many opportunities to grow and learn. The sky's the limit. There are so many problems around which need solutions( opportunities in my regard ) in order to build a better community"
  • The magic of making use of data, which enables us to create, explore and tell amazing stories.
  • vegan cheese that isn't disgusting ( if that exists).. going to mars, technology and the way it will bring people together
  • The way we are doing business is changing. Diversity, innovation, disruption and human centred and data driven problem solutions excite me and make me hopeful for humans! I think there has never been a more exciting time in SA to do business.
  • The uncertainty. There are always best things yet to come.
  • There will be new technology and great companies which make the world better. In this era of massive change and transformation, there is so much to explore. With the popularity of technology and the rise of big data, understanding marketing would be interesting.
  • Innovation - Leveraging tech to aid community
  • We are in Digital/AI Revolution and we can tap into opportunities with global market access through internet."
  • The unpredictability of life makes me very curious about the future. I am very excited when I do my favorite job, especially if I create something, or do something I think I can't do. For example, I am currently trying to start my own business which is about public art and communities, I feel very excited about this because i love what i am doing. That's it's gonna be unimaginable.
  • To become a person who I admire to. driver-less cars
  • Democratization of technology The unknown.
  • We are entering into a great digital and artificial intelligence world transformation where our imagination could come to life.
  • That we can be financial free one day by working smart right now New technology gears
  • Development of technology and the potential it has to impact on the future in terms of business and environmental sustainability.
Why do you go to _SOUTHSTART?
  • Friends, human connections
  • Surprising connections - hearing people’s backstories and making sense of your place in the world
  • Also a relief to hear that other people face challenges in their journey; eye-opening experience, diverse topics of conversation
  • I have a company and relationships are the main thing - SouthStart is kind of about building relationships
  • My background is in NGO/charity, became very obsessed with financial sustainability and social enterprise - “inspirational sabbatical” - to learn from social enterprises, and now building a map that connects startups to each other, want to learn and be inspired, human-centered, relationship building
  • Business, different business models, not involved with startups but v interested in the ecosystem.
  • Very interested in investment and the pitch event - also growing the ecosystem and supporting Adelaide’s growth
  • I'm here because I want to meet like-minded people and connected and hopefully form a startup in south Australia
  • Meeting interesting people, which is getting harder in Adelaide because it is small - and actually helping to facilitate , creating interesting relationships and friendships
  • In my final year with uni, just want to connect and be a place where people are connecting with eachother and try to grow myself along with that. Want to contribute back to society and something that’s bigger than myself. I attended the event two years ago when I was in high school years ago — I went to the town hall.
  • Everything Craig said hit what I was wanted to come here for. Big ideas and ideas that puts people first. I follow southstart on linkedin and social media channels - the messaging really hits what I’m looking for. I was looking at Canberra’s innovation ecosystem, but in Adelaide, I was looking around and thought wow there’s so much more
  • I was going to moonshine lab and saw southstart , two years ago, and thought what is it? So I joined the experience. It’s all about what happens, it’s a celebration of everything that happens in the startup world, innovation, connecting people. Volunteering for me is - I can’t believe I’m volunteering. I get so much benefit; I’m coming here to learn
  • The energy that comes from this event. Other events can be numb and you’re disconnected from the overall experience. But this event is such a powerful experience; I always warn people to be prepared for that. That human-first approach; that convergence; that collision of people.
  • I was running an agtech startup for the last few years - had never been to a startup before - love putting all these people in one place. Being able to centralise everyone in one spot is really cool. Now I’m working on new startups
  • Having been to _southstart as an attendee in 2018 then coming back in 2019 as a volunteer because I loved what the team was doing for the ecosystem and the event in general, i think it only makes sense to want to help out again.
  • I really want to make the Adelaide's ecosystem awesome and as friendly as possible to newcomers. I also like meeting new people and help them by introducing to others! Did south start volunteer last year and love being involved in startup ecosystem
  • I volunteered last year and enjoyed the experience to help out. Love being around the startup ecosystem and still working on my own startup ideas. Potentially can meet someone who can complement my skillsets to start the adventure.
  • I am looking forward to not only assist in technical aspect of the organization, such as data analytics or web development, but also to help provide meaningful support to the organizatio
  • I want to help because I have the same passion for innovation. And be able to participate of such of an important event, makes me very excited. Furthermore, I think it is a great opportunity to meet people that are entrepreneurs and innovators here in South Australia. I helped out in 2019 and had a blast! Would love to do it again 🙂
  • Loved the volunteer experience in 2019.
  • Because I know it’s going to be fun! Something really worthwhile during my maternity break. Where I can learn, socialise, make new connections and be a part of such a suectuskr event!
  • I have a deep passion for having a positive impact on the state and its people, paying it forward, and making sure SA gets the love and recognition it deserves. I want to continue to help people gown and achieve their goals. I'm not sure if volunteering or partnering is the best option for me! SO I'd like to learn more 🙂
  • I work in an innovation team at ANZ bank and am permanently relocating from Melbourne to Adelaide in February. I'm keen to get a feel for the innovation and start up space in Adelaide and make some local connections in the industry.
  • Community support being a great supporter of startup ecosystem activities.
  • I've attended SouthStart back in 2018 as a high school student (year 12) with tickets I've received from Youth Opportunities for being one of their personal leadership program graduates. I loved the atmosphere and connecting with people with high ambitions, which has influenced me to be more interested in entrepreneurship. Being able to contribute towards an incentive that I strongly believe in gives a sense of purpose beyond myself. From volunteering, I would like to not only grow my interpersonal skills but to also have a sense of pride for contributing towards the bigger picture.
  • I believe by helping Southstart, I am going to learn new things and create new connections. I also love to help other businesses. During the last 6 months, I am following Southstart events and feel very connected with the way you create value. Being part of this event gives me an incredible experience.
  • Dear SouthStart team, really impressed by your conference and keen to find out how we can help/support the next one in May.
  • Wanted to contribute in a small way as start-up entrepreneurs myself
  • Love meeting people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem!
  • I have a great passion for entrepreneurship, love networking and collaborating with like minded people to drive innovation and create a inspiring future to look forward to. Most importantly Danielle & Craig are such passionate, amazing and incredible individuals to hang out with. I love it every minute. Thank you so much for making all this happen. I've got lots of spare time during this summer holiday hence I thought this could be an opportunity to advance my career.
  • Love the sector, enjoyed volunteering last time around and I think it is important a diverse bunch of people get involved and show support for the sector because it has the potential to deliver so much for our little state. Hi - we sponsored last year and are keen to do so again this year as well as understanding how else we might be able to get involved. Please could you send through some more info. Thanks - Paula
  • I bloody love startups. Creating new things is what gets me out of bed, so more than happy to help out with Southstart given the awesome impact it has on the startup community.
  • I really enjoy leadership and hold various positions currently but I am looking to be a better team mate and yet a presenter learning with the best.i want to share my ambition of science and enterpreneurship by learning from the best humans rather than just top enterpreneurs. south start is more about passion and actually solving and coming with solution. people have goals and they go to networking events like these to learn but don't get enough emotional awakening to do something. I know south start is more about highlighting enterpreneurship and humanness in this top tier world and to inspire people. I like manage and market events especially networking events in university so it's a best opportunity to showcase myself in something big and learn as I have a big passion for enterpreneurship ( being a business owner myself of a t-shirt brand) I'm a bit supporter of the ecosystem. If you need hands to support the event before and after, I'm happy to help. Adelaide has huge potential to be a centre of innovation in human-centred design. I want to help ensure all of that potential is realised. It would be great to volunteer with people who share that vision.
  • I am excited to be part of a motivated, driven and just generally interesting group of humans. I love the focus on the human, rather that the startup. I feel like I am being defined by my startup more and more and this is a chance to go back and re-explore the human. I am also VERY excited about the ecosystem summit! Eeeeverything is so connected and I want to help connect those dots (specially where those dots have a positive social or environmental impact!) - I feel there is a general need to stop re-inventing the wheel, focus on what is already there and how to add value to it. Generally it's by connecting it to something else.










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