_southstart magically blends the best of South Australia's innovators and thought leaders with a powerhouse of Australian and international voices working across so many sectors with Industry 4.0 digital technologies. I urge those who have yet to experience _southstart to come along in 2020!

Katrina Donaghy CEO at Civic Ledger

I was struck by the uniqueness of this event as it started and continued to focus on us as humans – not just superstar entrepreneurs , but humans. We need this approach if entrepreneurs are to deliver the social and economic changes we need in the world.

Sarah Pearson Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Scientist at DFAT

_southstart 2019 was the highlight of my speaking career. The depth and quality of the other speakers and presentations, the organisation and coordination of the scheduling and logistics, the amazing vibe and the incredible staff made it a highlight of my year, and a conference that I absolutely loved both attending and participating in.

Joan Westenberg Founder at Studio Self

Truly thank you for creating the environment where rockstars [and] dorky foreigners like me can be in the same room together.

Chris Hoffmann VP Partnerships & Engagement at The Hacker Exchange

“_southstart is a fantastic opportunity for local entrepreneurs and startups to learn from world-leading business and innovation leaders about their journeys and the global trends that will be vital for businesses to thrive in the digital age.”

The Hon David Pisoni Minister for Innovation and Skills

"We're delighted to be partnering with _southstart to integrate Pledge 1% into the festival and we're thrilled Southstart itself has joined the Pledge 1% movement."

Mark Reading Head of the Atlassian Foundation

“Youth Inc.’s partnership with SouthStart provides our students with a space to apply and showcase their work, and make meaningful connections with the future of innovation.”

Riley Sabey Learning Manager / YouthInc

"I was able to make valuable connections and new friends. As first-timer to Adelaide, I know now why I want to return"

Julie Trell Head of global at muru-d

"Loved spending time at South Start. Discussed some huge ideas and met many great Australian founders all in the one place. The level of ambition was stratospheric and the energy in the community palpable. We'll be back for sure."

John Henderson Partner at Airtree Ventures

“SouthStart was an amazing week. It feels sad to leave. For the first time in more than a decade I feel proud of my country”

Lewis Horne CEO / CTO at Uniti Electric Car

"“The setting was world class. You could feel this energy in the room.”"

Andre Eikmeier CEO / Founder at Good Human

“Wine, tech and talent. SouthStart is now firmly the leading technology gathering in Australia.”

Antony Ceravolo Founder / CEO at Sine

“SouthStart is not a conference for Adelaide. It is a celebration of Australian talent and success stories and a mandate to open the conversation for change.”

Michelle Perugini CEO / Co-Founder at Life Whisperer

"SouthStart was smart: delivering surprise, synergy, and spunk with a world-class speaker line, SA hospitality and engaging a savvy, hungry audience"

Sarah Jane Pell Artist Astronaut

“All the team at SouthStart did an amazing job of making me feel welcome in their city, and the event itself was one of the most organised I've had the privilege of being involved in.”

Cameron Adams CPO / Co-Founder at Canva